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Dr. Patrick Allen, DACM

Dr. Allen, is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. He received his degree from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine and clinical doctorate from the Pacific College of Health and Science. His area of expertise include using acupuncture and other alternative therapies to treat issues such as pain, woman's health, and mental health complaints. In his free time he loves to travel the world and volunteer. He is a board member of Project Buena Vista, a 5013c focused on rainforest conservation and offering healthcare to indigenous populations in rural Peru. 

Formulating Stress Support

Topics pertaining to mental health is all the rage. From the talking heads of mainstream news sources to armchair experts on social media, you're likely to see someone talking about either the rising mental health crisis, their own mental health, or the impact of modern life on our collective mental wellbeing. Not long ago these topics were considered taboo and many people ignored the topic of their own mental health. Now that some of the stigma surrounding these topics has been relieved we can all get on with the important work of managing and improving our own mental wellness. 

Nutraceutical researchers have established that there are numerous natural substances to help manage mental health complaints, including stress. Our modern way of living taxes our nervous systems and impedes our body’s ability to manage stress. Many are stuck in the “flight or fight” loop and find they are unable to down regulate their nervous systems. This leads to a constant state of perceived stress. After years of being in a state of constant alert, the body gets fatigued, and we feel burned out. At some point, intervention becomes necessary to break this cycle and bring our internal stress management system back to equilibrium.

This formula contains herbs and nutraceuticals that have been used by ancient cultures to manage stress and relax the mind for thousands of years. The ingredients were hand-selected for their gentle properties and record of success for my own patients. The formula works synergistically to both relax the body while boosting the nervous system’s ability to self-regulate, leading to improved mood and increased sense of well-being. I have recommended these ingredients to 100s of patients over my career and found this combination to be very effective.


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